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The Story of My Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

I thought I was perfectly in excellent health until when I had blurred vision. I was urinating profusely for a minimum of ten times every night and day. I lost a lot of weight as a result of dehydration. I was frequently thirsty, even though I drank a lot of water.Tiredness set in. I had some wounds on my face, with swollen eyes and boils on my head which could not heal. This was in addition to a burning and biting sensation in my legs and feet. All these happened notwithstanding what I assumed was my level of medical ingenuity.Too bad I was later diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It was a bad day to remember because the doctor told me at a popular hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, that there was no cure for diabetes. He categorically told me that I would live with type 2 diabetes for life and that I must continue to use the insulin injection till I breathed my last on earth.

In desperation, I had to go into a series of research at home and abroad. In addition to my natural medicinal knowledge, my studies for the award of Doctor of Science in Public Health at Atlantic International University in the United States helped me a lot. I was determined to reverse diabetes at all costs. My blood sugar level was over 430mg/dL, which was rather outrageous. Today my fasting blood sugar level ranges between 70 and 98mg/dL. How did I succeed in reversing this disease of diabetes naturally? How did I move my fasting blood sugar level meter reading from 430mg/dL to 2 digits? This is the mystery my book on Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Permanently is out to unravel.

Dr. Isaac Ayodele

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